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Exploring and striving to serve the best.


Our journey started on 9th January, 2020. Yes, we started very recently but in a very short time we have achieved the minimum goal with the support of our team as well as your support. We serve our customers fast. We strive to provide the best service. Our help lines are always ready to help you in time. If you think, you want to be an entrepreneur with us, anytime is welcome. We must say, you will be benefited, if you choose us. We are cooperating our users as well as our customers in ‘Telecommunication’ sector through ‘Sim’ service, ‘International & Domestic Recharge’ service, ‘Bollettino’ service, ‘Air Ticket’ service, door to door ‘Cargo’ service, ‘Money Transfer’ service. Each of our staff is good manners, hardworking and enthusiastic to do work for you. Contact us if you are exploring with us.

Malaysia Country Director: Mazharul Islam Joni

We also offer 24/7 services at your fingertips throughout Europe. You can easily access any service you need from us, and we are proud to be your partner for services beyond Europe and Asia, available online.

Our company has recently opened a new branch office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, under the name: ASM SERVICES SDN.BHD.

Head Office (Italy):

Via Della Pina D'oro 16

Post Code: 57122

City: Livorno

Italy Director: Alamgir Hossain

Branch Office (Malaysia):


POST CODE: 63000


Malaysia Country Director: Mazharul Islam Joni


In 2019, our founder, Md Alamgir Hossain, embarked on an extensive backpacking trip across Europe. While he knew where he wanted to go, planning the best route and finding an affordable ticket for various modes of transportation (bus, train, air, ferry) left him a little light in the pocket.

Recognizing the need for a multi-mode travel site, Md Alamgir Hossain decided to leave his finance job in NYC. He packed up his life and moved to Italy, drawn by its burgeoning tech and startup scene.

Why the change? We believe travel moves and empowers people globally, and wanted our brand to focus on more than Europe & Asia.

Becoming Asian Group Distributor allowed us to go beyond booking journeys. It enabled us to become an all-encompassing travel hub, one that supports our customer's need to explore the world.

However, our resilient team spared no effort to help our customers navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

Travel has forever changed but we will continue to innovate and support our customers so they can move freely and explore the familiar and the unexpected on their own terms.

BD Branch CEO: Imam Hossain Khaled